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Registration/Purchasing Information:

All of our software applications may be securely purchased / registered  here at our web-site.   Your order will be placed through G&P Engineering Software's third party affiliate Take Two's secure server and shopping cart where payments will be accepted.   Payments made via on-line, FAX, PayPal and telephone ordering can be made by using your favorite credit card!  Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover/Novus, Diner's Club or Eurocard credit cards are accepted.  Note that Take Two is a secured safe shopping site.  See the "lock" icon in your browser Window!

For customers that are uncomfortable with using credit cards online, we suggest that Take Two's telephone or FAX ordering service options be used!

Procedure to Order:

1.  Download the installation / zip files for each application you wish to try.  All of our applications have a free, 14-day trial time limit.

2.  Unzip and install the application(s) on the computer(s) the applications are to be used on.

3.  If you like the application and wish to continue to use it, purchase the correct number of licenses
by simply clicking  on one of the purchasing options below!  Note:  When purchasing the license(s), a user name (your name) and a 10-digit registration number / serial code will be needed.  The registration number is generated and displayed when the application is first started (PhysProps example:  12345678-PP).

4.  G&P Engineering Software will then e-mail an unlock code.  
The unlock code will "unlock" your 14-day trial software for unlimited time use.  Simply enter the unlock code in the software's unlock code box.  Our policy is to issue unlock codes within 48 hours; however, most are sent within 8 hours!

It is really that simple...!

Product ID Code
(Needed for Phone Orders)
License/Registration and
Maintenance Fees (USD)***
PhysProps* 4635
Single User License:  $75    Purchase Now!
EngVert* 4636
Single User License:  $50    Purchase Now!
PipeDrop* 4638
Single User License:  $75
Purchase Now!
Valu Pac** 4640
Single User License: $180  
Purchase Now!
Single User License:  $25    
Purchase Now!
Single User License:  $ 200     Purchase Now!
Maintenance Fee 4671
Annual Maintenance Fee:  $10  Purchase Now!

"All Sales are Final.  All Prices, terms, and conditions are subject to change without notice."

Note:  You must have "Administrator"  privileges on your computer to install and run any of our applications.

*  Please be sure to have the PhysProps, EngVert, PipeDrop, StmProps, or MixProps generated,10-digit registration number available when you place your order!  The registration number is displayed when the application is first started (example:  12345678-PP).

**Special Offer!  Purchase the Valu Pac option and receive a single user license of G&P Engineering Software's  applications (PhysProps, EngVert, and PipeDrop) for the single low price of $180 (10% off).

***License/Registration Definition:

Single User License:  The user purchases ONE license to use the application on ONE computer for ONE individual.  The license is non-transferable to another individual or computer.  Typical use:  individual user, student, additional copy for a portable laptop, consultant...

All applications will run and function indefinitely after the initial installation and product support is available, free of charge, for the first two years after purchase.  At the end of the second year, an annual maintenance fee (purchased above) will be required for product support and license upgrades.

Please note that paying the maintenance fee for support does not entitle users a new license if it is determined, from the registration number submtted, that the software has been installed on a different or new computer.  If the software has been installed on a different computer, a new license purchase is required and the maintenance fee will be forfeited.  Payment of a maintenace fee is not a substiture for purchasing a new license!  

What you will receive:

1.  An unlock code(s), delivered by e-mail,  for the software ordered.  

2.  Prompt software support (via e-mail)!

3.  Free support and upgrades, pursuant with the licensing and maintenace fee schedule, until the next major version release!

Question/Answer Support:

Registered users will receive unlimited and prompt attention (via e-mail) in resolving questions.

Make sure you have browsed our Help/FAQ page to see if your answer has already been found!

Please limit your questions to the features of the application. We cannot provide engineering advice on the application of the data obtained.

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Other Inquiries:

We at G&P Engineering Software are always pleased to hear how we can be of better service to our present or future customers.  Please e-mail us below:

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chemical, physical, property, equilibrium flash, isothermal flash, steam table

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