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How do I install your software applications?
Installing our applications is very easy!  First, download the application and then using an unzipping application (we strongly suggest WinZip(tm)...some versions of PKZip (tm) will not work correctly), un-zip the file to a temporary directory on your hard-drive.  Now, from the Windows "Start" menu, select "Run..."  and browse to the directory where the application was unzipped and run the "setup.exe" file.  During the installation process, "setup.exe" may request that your computer be re-booted to update system files on your computer.  Simply re-boot your machine and re-run "setup.exe."

How do I register the software?

First, customers need to select the license type they wish to purchase from our "Contact / Register" page link button located on the left.  Simply click on the link corresponding to the license you wish to purchase.  Our software is ordered / registered through G&P Engineering Software's affiliate

To register an application now, follow the link here.

What is a registration number?

The registration number is a unique, 8-digit serial code number generated by the application (Example: 12345678-MP) when it is first installed on a users' machine.  This number is provided by the user when purchasing / registering an application.  G&P Engineering Software needs this number to generate an unlocking code for the software purchased.

What is a username?

The username can be anything you wish it to be.  Normally, it is the name of the user (John Doe, My Name, etc). We take the username and the 8-digit registration number / serial code (example: 12345678-XX) and generate the unlock code from these.

The help file with application XXXXXX does not work with Windows Vista or Windows 7...what is the solution?

Actually, the help files do work with Windows Vista and 7.  Microsoft choose not to include the help file reader (WinHlp32.exe) with the newer operating systems.  Windows Vista and 7 users may wish to install the help file reader located:

Link for Windows Vista

Link for Windows 7

This will restore the functionality of all programs that use the Windows Help system.

I am having display problems with application XXXXXX...what is the solution?

Please check the Windows Control Panel/Display settings to make sure your computer is setup correctly to operate the application. The displays  were designed to appear properly on Windows 9X/NT/ME/2000/XP systems when the Xpixel/Ypixel ratio is 1.33, a minimum screen resolution of 800x600, and  "Small Fonts" selected from the Control Panel/Display/Settings Tab/Advanced Button as follows:

640x480:  Not supported by PhysProps or PipeDrop.  Too much data to display, not enough screenspace.
800x600:  Displays correctly.
1024x768: Displays correctly.
1152x864: Displays correctly.
1280x1024: Displays incorrectly when the font size (from the "Control Panel/Display Properties") is set to "Small Fonts."  However, our applications will display correctly in this mode if the font size is set at "Large Fonts."

Application XXXXXX will not install or register correctly...what is the solution?

This is usually a Windows 2000/NT/XP problem.  Make sure you, the user, are logged in to the computer with "Administrator" privileges so that a full and complete installation of the applications can take place.  When registering, the user must be given temporary "Administrator" privileges to complete the registration process.

(Usually for users outside the USA)  The data displayed by application XXXXXX is clearly incorrect...are there errors in the programming?

The Windows settings on the computer running the application are most likely incorrectly set.

From the Windows control panel, click on the "Regional Settings" icon and then the "Number" tab.  Note what the settings are for the "Decimal symbol" and the "Digit grouping symbol."  Now click on the "Currency" tab.  Note what the settings are for the "Decimal symbol" and the "Digit grouping symbol."

The symbols used for displaying numbers and currency MUST be the same (consistent) or the software will display incorrect data.

(Usually for users outside the USA)  I am receiving an "Error 13" at start-up...  What is the solution?

Error 13 is a "Variable type mis-match error" and occasionally occurs during start-up of an application for users running under all Win 9X/NT/ME/2000/XP systems and certain  language "Regional Settings."  The problem has been found to be solved by taking the following steps:

1.  Uninstall the application using the Windows control panel "Add/Remove Programs" icon.
2.  Reset the Windows "Regional Settings" to Language = English, Country/Region = United States.
3.  Reset the "Regional Settings" decimal symbol and digit grouping symbol consistently as above.
4.  Re-boot your computer.
5.  Reinstall/register your application.
6.  Reset the Windows "Regional Settings" Language and Country/Region settings to your desired settings. 

The "Unlock Code" supplied will not unlock the application or is incorrect     ...OR...     A specific function will not work.  What is the solution?

1.  Make sure  that you are logged in with "Administrator" privileges when completing the registration process.  After the registration process is completed, the user may be logged in on any type of account to use the application.

2.  Make sure that you have entered the "Unlock Code" and "User Name" issued to you EXACTLY as they appear in the e-mail from G&P Engineering Software (no leading or trailing spaces).  Note that numeric zero's (0) and the capital letter "O" look almost identical, but are quite different than what the software reads.

3.  Make sure the registration number submitted (12345678-XX) is exactly what your application is displaying.

4.  Make sure that the "Key.dat" file from the registration e-mail has been copied into the folder/directory where the application has been installed.  The file must be named "Key.dat" and not key.dat, KEY.dat or any other combination of uppercase/lowercase characters.

5.  Make sure that the application you have installed/registering was downloaded from G&P Engineering Software's website.  Application files downloaded from other locations are frequently outdated or may be older versions.

6.  Be sure there were no installation error messages when the particular application was installed.  No software  application will function correctly if there were installation errors.  Un-install the application using the Windows "Control Panel,"  download a "fresh" installation "zip" file from our website, and re-install the application.  Our software applications are large and require a reasonably "clean" phone line and web-hosting connection to download.  A transmission error during the downloading process was most likely the cause of the problem.

I am a registered user of an earlier version of software.  How do I upgrade to the most recent version?

From the Windows control panel, click on the "Add/Remove" software icon.  Use this Windows' utility to remove the old version of the software.  Now simply install the newer version as if you were a new user.  The key code(s) issued to you will work for the new version of software only if the upgrade is of the same major version.  Example:  You may upgrade freely from version 1.3 to 1.5 (or higher), but not from a version 1.X to 2.X

I cannot access fluid physical properties from PipeDrop.  How do I do this?

To access fluid physical properties, G&P Engineering Software's application PhysProps must be installed and registered.  Also note that from within PipeDrop, the application must be "told" the location of the PhysProps database as detailed in the on-line help file.  In summary:
a.  PipeDrop running.
b.  Navigate to File --> Locate Data Base.
c.  In the new window, simply navigate to the folder where the PhysProps "database.mdb" file is located and select it.

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Chemical Engineering Software, Physical Properties, Unit Conversion, Pressure Drop, Steam Properties, Psychrometric Properties, Equilbrium Flash

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