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General News Releases:

vapor-liquidDecember 2014:  Upgrade to EngVert.  Upgraded by adding Mole/Mass fraction converter.
vapor-liquidDecember 2014:  Bugfix to PhysProps.  Corrected unit conversions.
vapor-liquidApril 2014:  Bugfix to MixProps.  Corrected unstable vapor/liquid phase determination.
vapor-liquidApril 2013:  Minor bugfix to PipeDrop.  Corrected annular flow friction factor for laminar flow.
vapor-liquidOctober 2012:  Minor bugfixes to PsychroCalc.
vapor-liquidAugust 2012:  EngVert.:  Corrected SI units display in psychrometric properities module.
vapor-liquidAugust 2011:  Minor bugfixes to PipeDrop.
vapor-liquidMay 2010:  MixProps:  Corrected copy/cut/paste routine.
vapor-liquidMarch  2009:  Minor bug fixes to StmProps.
vapor-liquidFebruary 2008:  Upgrade of MixProps.  Modified T/P Flash routine to better handle moisture in NG.
vapor-liquidFebruary 2008:  Upgrade of PhysProps.  Added new pressure conversions.
vapor-liquidDecember 2007:  Upgrade of EngVert.  Added new conversions.
vapor-liquidSeptember 2006:  Upgrade of MixProps.  Modified T/P Flash routine to better handle moisture in NG.
vapor-liquidFebruary 2005:  G&P releases MixProps.
vapor-liquidDecember 2004:  G&P releases PsychroCalc as FREEWARE.
equilibriumOctober 2004:  G&P releases StmProps.
physical propertiesOctober 2003:  G&P releases PsychroCalc. Psychrometric properties added to EngVert.
engineeringsAugust 2003:  Major upgrade of EngVert: reside in the system tray and steam properties added.
flashMay 2002:  Air properties added to PhysProps.
Peng-RobinsonOctober 2001:  G&P releases PipeDrop.
SoaveSeptember 2001:  All applications upgraded for compatibility with Windows 9X/NT/Me/2000/XP (tm).
RedlichMarch 2001:  Upgraded version of  EngVert is released.
KwongNovember 1999:  G&P releases EngVert.
compressibilityJune1999:  G&P goes to the "Web."
pressure dropMay 1999:  G&P releases PhysProps.

The Future at G&P:

SRKCurrently under development are several exciting new engineering applications which, like PhysProps, are focused around G&P's proprietary physical property database. Bookmark this site and check back often!

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