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G&P Engineering Software specializes in delivering high quality chemical engineering software for chemical professionals.  ALL of our applications are extremely easy to use and have a natural, intuitive user interface.

Our award winning and premier product, PhysProps, is undeniably the most advanced and easiest to use thermodynamic/chemical physical property database and property estimation tool ever developed.  The data base is composed of over 6,500 chemical specie names and their synonyms.  There are 28 physical properties for each compound in the data base.  If a particular compound is not in the database, there are 18 properties which can be estimated from standard techniques.

MixProps is a two phase, multicomponent, vapor-liquid equilibrium, thermodynamic, and transport property calculator for technical professionals.  Both pure and multicomponent systems are supported with a comprehensive collection of physical property methods.  Why obtain an expensive process simulator when all that is needed is a flash calculation to determine multicomponent physcial properties?

Another of our fine, award winning applications is EngVert.  This application is an advanced scientific unit conversion and steam properties application (both IFC-1967 and 1997 formulations).  EngVert is pre-configured to convert units in 39 major catagories and is user expandable to allow you to add conversions as your needs grow!

PipeDrop is an advanced hydraulic pressure drop calculator for liquids, gases, and 2-phase flow.  There are 3 modules for calculating fluid flow hydraulics in pipes and ducts for single lines, a pump network, and orifice plates.  There is also a collection of 8 tools to ease various hydraulic calculations:  physical properties, gas density calculation, compressibility factor calculation, flow rate conversions, heat capacity ratio calculation, minor pipe fitting loss tool, ASTM/DIN pipe table, and material roughness tool.

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You are invited to download any of the fully functional trial versions of our applications now!  Converting the trial download to an unlimited use version is easily performed by entering a key code after registering the software (performed on-line)!  We are sure you will find that all our applications were developed for ease of use and uncompromised accuracy...allowing our users to focus on their work and not on their software.

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PhysProps was given a 5-Star Editor's Pick Review by ZDNet!
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EngVert was given a 4-Star Editor's Pick 
Review by ZDNet!
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G&P Engineering Software was given a "Top 5% Chemistry Site" award by Claessen Net!

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