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PhysProps RegistrationPhysProps is an advanced, pure component, thermodynamic / physical property data base and chemical property estimating application for Windows (tm) based computer systems. The database is composed of over 6,500 chemical specie names and their synonyms (both organic and inorganic compounds).  The software was designed with the user in mind and offers simplicity of use, a logical user interface, and flexible physical property data presentation.

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Searching through the physical property database is extremely simple.  Simply type in the first few letters of the compound's common or IUPAC name (International Union of Pure and Applied Chemistry), and PhysProps "search as you type" feature quickly finds the compound of interest.  The data base supports 16 intrinsic physical properties such as critical temperature (Tc), critical pressure (Pc), critical volume (Vc), normal boiling point (Tnbp), melting point (Tmp), heat of formation (dHf), Gibb's free energy of formation (dGf), entropy of formation (dSf), heat of fusion (dHfus), and acentric factor.  There are also 12 temperature dependent physical properties such as vapor pressure, densities, viscosities, thermal conductivities, and heat capacities.  The temperature dependent properties can be viewed in a tabular or graphical format.

In addition, if your particular compound is not in the database, physical and chemical properties can be estimated from an advanced and extremely powerful property estimation module within PhysProps. The estimation routines includes the methods of Joback/Lydersen, Lee-Kesler, Pitzer, Letsou-Stiel, Rowlinson-Bondi, and Misic-Thodos.  This set of estimation routines is ideal for engineers and chemists who need to obtain estimates of properties for complex compounds that possibly have never been synthesized before.  And as with the data base, estimated properties can be viewed in a tabular or graphical format.

Confusion and mistakes caused by mixed or inconsistent units of measurements are eliminated with PhysProps. Users may select data to be displayed from any one of three standard units sets (American Engineering, metric, or SI) or set any unit individually. PhysProps will also remember the selected unit set for future sessions.

Also included within PhysProps is a graphically based Periodic Table of the elements.  At the press of a button, critical information on any element may be instantly obtained.  Access to a scientific calculator is also quickly available from within the application.

Examine the screenshots below to gain a feeling of the intuitive user interface PhysProps was designed around:

Data Base Screen ShotEstimate Property Screen ShotGraph Screen ShotUnits of Measurement

And as is found with all premier Windows applications, PhysProps supports cutting, copying, and pasting of all data generated to allow incorporating the results into external word processors and spreadsheets.  The tables and graphs produced may also be cut and pasted into spreadsheets and word processing applications to allow users to generate the quality reports that are necessary in today's business world.  Users may also generate publication quality print-outs of any data table or graph produced.

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