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Download EngVert V2.4.3 (5 MB) 14-Day Trial VersionZDNet's Editor's ChoiceSelect the button on the left to download a fully functional, 14-day trial (version 2.4.4).

EngVert RegistrationEngVert is an advanced unit conversion and commonly used engineering tools application for Windows (tm) based computer systems. For unit conversions, there are 39 catagories for which unit conversions can be performed.  These conversion catagories are fully user expandable up to a total of 100 catagories and 100 units/catagory.

EngVert also contains commonly used engineering tools such as readily accessible pipe databases (ASTM and DIN piping standards are supported), steam tables (IFC-1967 and 1997 standards are supported), a psychrometric property calculator, and a general physical constants library. There is no longer any need to have access to an extensive library of books and tables at your side!

In addition, EngVert has now been updated to enable you to configure the application to reside in the Windows (tm) system tray!  With this feature, EngVert can be loaded whenever Windows (tm) loads and be easily accessible whenever it is needed!

EngVert is extremely easy to use and includes the following features:

  • An intuitive user interface.
  • 39 standard unit conversion catagories are included.
  • User expandable up to 100 catagories and 100 units/catagory.
  • A universal gas constant library is standard and expandable.
  • A general physical constants library is standard and expandable.
  • A pipe data base consisting of both ASTM and DIN pipe standards.
  • (New)  Steam properties via the 1967 ASME (IFC-1967) steam tables and current international standard IAPWS-IF97 formulations.  Cumbersome steam tables are no longer necessary!  Interpolation of tabular values is no longer necessary!
  • (New)  A psychrometric property calculator (supporting both IP and SI units of measurement) is included to determine the properties of humid air via the ASHRAE formulations. Throw away those difficult to read psychrometric charts!
  • (New) A molecular weight calculator will compute the molecular weights of compounds.
  • (New)  A mole / mass calculator will convert a stream composition from a mole-to-mass or mass-to-mole basis.
The EngVert steam property calculator provides a convenient means of obtaining the thermodynamic properties of water and steam (English or Metric units) over a wide range of pressures and temperatures. By entering any two state conditions (P, T, x, H, S) the calculator returns 15 properties of steam and saturated water. The calculator provides a user-selectable 'switch' to use either the 1967 ASME or IAPWS-IF97 Steam Property equation formulations.  You have access to both the "old" and the "new" steam table data!

The EngVert psychrometric property calculator has a similar interface to the steam property calculator (above).  The properties of humid air are obtained by entering any two state conditions (wet bulb, dry bulb, relative humidity, humidity ratio, or enthalpy) and the calculator returns ten properties of the humid air in question.  In addition, local atmospheric pressure can be directly entered or computed from the local elevation.  The psychrometric calculator works in either English (IP-Imperial) or SI units of measurement and instantly converts from one system to the other.

EngVert is undeniably the most versatile and easy to use general scientific tool ever produced.  Examine the screen shots below to gain a feeling of the intuitive user interface EngVert was designed around.

Unit Conversion Screen ShotPeriodic Table Screen ShotEngVert Pipe Data Base Screen Shot
Steam Properties, Steam Tables Screen ShotPsychrometric Property Screen Shot

And as is found with all premier Windows applications, EngVert supports cutting, copying, and pasting of all data to allow incorporating the results into external word processors, presentations, and spreadsheets.

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Unit Conversions, Pipe Table, Psychrometric Software

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