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MixProps RegistrationMixProps is a two phase vapor-liquid equilibrium, thermodynamic, and transport property calculator for technical professionals.  Both pure and multicomponent systems are supported with a comprehensive collection of physical property methods.  MixProps is for use on MS Windows (tm) operating systems.

For a pure component thermodynamic physical property application, learn about our other software product, PhysProps here.

MixProps is extremely easy to use and includes the following features:

vapor-liquid  An intuitive user interface.
equilibrium  Equations of state supported:  RK, SRK, API-SRK, PR, PR-78.
redlick-kwong  EOS binary interaction parameters use and specification is fully supported.
  Pure component physical property data drawn from the extensive PhysProps data base.
peng-robinson  A full range of thermophysical and transport properties for each phase is generated.
equilibrium flash  T-P Flash (isothermal) routine employed is extremely accurate and stable.
bubble point  Also computes bubble and dew point pressures/temperatures.
dew point  Quality print-outs of generated data available.
flash calculation  Saving cases and calculations for future reference.
compressibility  Cut/Copying/Pasting is supported to allow importing/exporting data to other applications.

Thermodynamic models include the following equations of state (EOS):  Redlich-Kwong, Soave-Redlich-Kwong, API-SRK, Peng-Robinson, and the 1978 modification of the PR equation of state.  Binary interaction coefficient input is also supported to allow the user to fine-tune the data the EOS model produces and allow the EOS to be used for increasingly more non-ideal systems.

MixProps is the perfect software tool for professionals in the chemical, natural gas, and petroleum industries.  You can now easily and reliably calculate thermodynamic and transport properties and use the results to:

  • Use as an everyday tool to determine mixutre physical properities.
  • Size equipment and instrumentation.
  • Check column and heat exchanger performance.
  • Solve difficult vapor-liquid equilibrium problems.
  • Compute multi-component physical properites for pressure relief valve calculations.
  • Determine emissions for EPA requirements for volatile organic compounds.

In addition, dew and bubble points can be computed in accordance to API 14.1!  Natural gas professionals will appreciate the ease with which standard gas analysis problems can be solved.

Engineers no longer need an expensive process simulator to compute properties.  The basic routine for vapor-liquid equilibrium calculations is the temperature-pressure (T-P) flash routine.  All of the well known process simulation applications available today use a T-P flash routine modified to provide results which are a compromise between speed and accuracy. Within these process simulation  applications, computational speed is emphasized and accuracy is compromised.  Speed is emphasized simply because of the large number of T-P flash calculations needed to produce a reasonable, overall result for the process simulation model...even for small, simple simulation models.

This is not the case with MixProps.  The T-P flash routine used in MixProps was designed for one purpose...unparalleled accuracy.  A rigorous T-P flash is performed and the routine used generates a precise solution regardless of machine time involved.  These accurately computed phase splits and component compositions, coupled with the PhysProps database of pure component properties, generates an optimum set of physical property data limited only by the pure component data and thermodynamic model used.  With MixProps, inaccurate and compromised property values commonly found in process simulators is a thing of the past.

The output generated by MixProps consists of a comprehensive set of thermodynamic, thermophysical and transport properties...all instantly available and in a wide variety of engineering units:

  • Equilibrium vapor and liquid compositions
  • Equilibrium K-Values
  • Flash phase fractions
  • Mixture molecular weights
  • Mixture critical volume/temperature/pressure
  • Phase compressibility factors
  • Mixture densities
  • Heats of Vaporization
  • Mixture heat capacities
  • Phase enthalpy/entropy
  • Mixture viscosity/thermal conductivity
  • Mixture heat capacity ratio
  • Mixture Joule-Thompson coefficient
  • Sonic velocity through mixtures
  • Mixture liquid surface tension
Example Problems (the MixProps  installation contains the setup to these examples):
1.  Natural Gas Transport Example
2.  Debutanizer Example
3.  Pump Example
MixProps is undeniably the most versatile and easy to use vapor-liquid thermophysical calculator ever produced.  Examine the screen shots below to gain a feeling of the intuitive user interface MixProps was designed around.

MixProps Set Up ScreenMixProps Composition Input ScreenMixProps Binary Interaction Screen

MixProps Property/Results ScreenMixProps Summary Screen

And as is found with all premier Windows applications, MixProps supports cutting, copying, and pasting of all data to allow incorporating the results into external word processors and spreadsheets.

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